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The Best Popeyes Dipping Sauces, Ranked

Popeyes sauces are made with a combination of delicious flavors that perfectly complement the chicken and seafood items on the menu.

Several sauces at Popeyes have a spicy kick, while others are sweet, tangy, or creamy. With a selection of classic and unique creations, there’s a dipping sauce to satisfy every craving.

Popeyes offers a variety of sauce flavors, including Honey, Buttermilk Ranch, BBQ, Wild Honey Mustard, Buffalo, Creole Cocktail, Tartar, Mardi Gras Mustard, and Blackened Ranch.  

With so many sauce options to choose from, you’ll surely create that perfect taste for your Popeyes meal!

In this article, we’ve ranked each Popeyes sauce by taste, flavor addition, and versatility to help you find the best sauce.

10. Honey Sauce

Although honey is not typically considered a dipping sauce, Popeyes’ Honey sauce may change your mind.

I prefer to use the honey sauce with my biscuits, but the sweet flavor and runny consistency make it a popular choice with biscuits and chicken.

Plus, honey sauce packets are complimentary, so feel free to ask for as many as you want.

9. Tartar Sauce

Popeyes’ Tartar sauce is nothing to run home about, but it is a staple for any menu that serves seafood.

It pairs well with the Popcorn Shrimp meal, and some may also enjoy it with Cajun fries or chicken tenders.

The flavor of this Tartar sauce is mellow and creamy.

It is accented by tangy dill pickle relish, onion, parsley, and Louisiana spices that add an extra flavor. 

Nutritional Information:

140 calories, 15g of fat, 1g of carbohydrates, and no protein

8. BoldBQ Sauce

Barbecue sauce is known for being sweet, tangy, and smokey, and many variations can be created with this flavor combination.

Popeyes’ BoldBQ sauce will do the trick when you’re craving that BBQ taste with your chicken, but it doesn’t bring anything more to the table.

It pairs great with chicken and side items like the Cajun fries or Homestyle Mac & Cheese, but it doesn’t leave much space for other flavors that are common in BBQ.

The vinegar in this dipping sauce is the most prominent flavor.

The sweetness from the tomato and other sugary ingredients make it taste like a dressed-up version of ketchup.

While the Cajun seasoning adds a spicy kick to the mix, I wish Popeye’s found a way to make the flavor of this sauce a bit more dynamic.

Nutritional Information:

70 calories, 16g of carbohydrates, and no fat or protein

7. Buttermilk Ranch Sauce

The Buttermilk Ranch is similar to a standard ranch sauce, but the buttermilk base instead of sour cream makes it a bit runnier.

It’s creamy, tangy, and with garlic and herbal flavors, it complements nearly anything on the Popeyes menu.

This sauce is a safe bet when you’re in doubt, and it has a comforting flavor that will make you feel like you’re eating a southern home-cooked meal.

Nutritional Information:

140 calories, 15g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and no protein

6. Creole Cocktail Sauce

The Creole Cocktail sauce is an excellent alternative to Tartar when ordering fish or shrimp at Popeyes.

Although the “Creole” part of the sauce is a fun name more than an indicator of flavor, the classic cocktail sauce combination of horseradish and tomato may be what you’re craving.

Nutritional Information:

40 calories, 9g of carbohydrates, no fat or protein

5. Bayou Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo is a classic dipping sauce to pair with chicken, and if you’re a fan, the Bayou Buffalo sauce will not disappoint.

Although other Popeyes sauces are more fun to try, there’s an appeal to knowing what you will get with a familiar flavor like the Bayou Buffalo sauce.

This dipping sauce gets its heat from cayenne pepper and a mix of Cajun spices.

Tangy vinegar complements the spiciness, and the slightly creamy texture makes it great to pair with chicken or shrimp.

Nutritional Information:

60 calories, 6g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and no protein

4. Wild Honey Mustard Sauce

Those who love honey mustard flavor will enjoy the Wild Honey Mustard sauce.

This Popeyes sauce made its debut in 2019 and has since gathered a strong following that keeps it popular to this day.

It has a strong vinegar flavor at first taste, but the sweetness of the honey complements the initial tanginess perfectly.

Despite ending on a sweet note, it leans more towards the mustard taste, which makes me prefer it with my chicken instead of fries.

I enjoy the zest of the mustard seed flavor, and this is one of my favorite sauces at Popeyes to pair with chicken tenders or nuggets.

Nutritional Information:

125 calories, 8g of fat, 7g of carbohydrates, and no protein

3. Mardi Gras Mustard Sauce

The spicy and pungent taste of the Mardi Gras Mustard may not be for everyone, but if you’re a horseradish fan like me, this may just be your new favorite sauce at Popeyes!

This sauce has a prominent vinegar tang but is much sharper and more complex.

Reminiscent of a spicy brown mustard speckled with mustard seeds, this dipping sauce combines the zestiness of honey with horseradish and black pepper to create a dynamic flavor with every bite.

The mustard and black pepper flavors mellow the burn from the horseradish, and the slightly bitter aftertaste will pair perfectly with your favorite chicken meal or Cajun fries. 

Nutritional Information:

100 calories, 8g of fat, 5g of carbohydrates, and 1g of protein

2. Sweet Heat Sauce

Popeyes’ Sweet Heat sauce has been a fan favorite since 2012, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Adequately named after its sweet and spicy flavors, this dipping sauce complements seafood as much as it does chicken.

You can think of it as a sweet and sour sauce, but it has a spicy finish balanced by its sugary aftertaste.

With a combination of honey, red pepper, and vinegar, this sauce has a tasty balance that always hits the spot.

Nutritional Information:

70 calories, 19g of carbohydrates, and no fat or protein

1. Blackened Ranch Sauce

The Blackened Ranch is a unique take on a classic dipping sauce and has been a favorite among fans.

It’s rich, creamy, and has a peppery kick with a Cajun flair, making it my top pick of the best Popeyes sauces.

However, it may not be available at every location, so be sure to get your hands on it when you can.

This sauce can be used with most Popeyes menu items and provides a unique twist to make them stand out.

The combination of flavors and the perfect amount of spicy kick make this sauce a favorite, but its ability to go with nearly everything on the menu solidifies its place at the top of this list.

Nutritional Information:

120 calories, 12g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and less than 1g of protein


Chicken and seafood taste better with an extra flavor boost, and Popeyes offers a variety of sauces to complement its menu items.

While the unique and dynamic flavors of the Blackened Ranch make it climb to the top, the Sweet Heat sauce and Wild Honey Mustard are close runners-up.

Next time you want to create that perfect taste for your chicken or seafood, use our list of the best Popeyes sauces to enhance your meal.

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Last Updated: July 19, 2023

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