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The Best Food to Eat at Miller’s Ale House

Image: Courtesy of Miller’s Ale House

If you want to take your taste buds on a journey while watching your favorite sports team, you should check out the Miller’s Ale House menu and their delicious dishes.

The first Miller’s Ale House opened in 1988 in Jupiter, FL. With over 100 locations across the United States, it’s now one of the largest sports-themed casual dining restaurant chains.

The Miller’s Ale House menu includes classic American cuisine and many Mexican-inspired dishes.

From their famous Zingers and wings to a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and entrees, the menu at Miller’s Ale House is packed with delicious food items.

Plus, they offer a wide range of craft beers, wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks to please everyone at your party.

If you’re wondering about the best dishes to order at Miller’s Ale House, let me introduce you to their 20 best menu items you don’t want to miss!

20. Chicken Pesto Raviolo

The Chicken Pesto Raviolo is a delightful pasta dish on the Miller’s Ale House menu that features large ravioli filled with chicken in a parmesan cream sauce.

It is drizzled with roasted red pepper sauce and basil pesto and served on a bed of garlic spinach.

The dish is topped with toasted breadcrumbs, shredded parmesan, and parsley.

The tender chicken filling and the richness of the parmesan cream sauce create a luscious taste with each bite.

Nutritional Information:

900 calories, 60g fat, 55g carbohydrates, 29g protein

19. Atlantic Salmon

At Miller’s Ale House, you can order an 8-ounce Atlantic salmon filet that can be grilled, blackened, or broiled based on your preference.

The salmon has a flaky and tender texture, and the taste is scrumptious regardless of your cooking choice.

Additionally, you can pick two side dishes to enjoy with your meal.

Nutritional Information: (Grilled)

500 calories, 29g fat, 1g carbohydrates, 53g protein

18. Fresh Chicken Wings

Miller’s Ale House is renowned for its Fresh Chicken Wings that come with a wide range of sauces.

Their wing flavors include Mild, Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Medium, Spiced Honey, Caribbean Jerk, Hot Garlic, Sweet Thai Chili, Hot, Korean BBQ, Mango Habanero, Mt. St. Helens, Nashville Hot, and 5 Pepper Fire.

The chicken wings are perfectly cooked, with a crispy exterior and tender meat inside.

Each sauce brings its unique blend of spices, seasonings, and heat levels, allowing you to customize your wings.

I can tell you that these are one of the best chain restaurant chicken wings out there!

Nutritional Information: (6 wings)

320 calories, 7g fat, 3g carbohydrates, 63g protein

17. Margherita Flatbread

The Margherita Flatbread is a great choice for those seeking a lighter yet flavorful dish on the menu.

This flatbread is topped with classic ingredients, including tomato, basil pesto, mozzarella, parmesan, and marinara sauce.

The fresh tomatoes and fragrant basil pesto bring the dish a vibrant and herbaceous flavor.

The combination of mozzarella and parmesan cheeses creates a melty and gooey texture, while the marinara sauce adds a rich and tangy taste.

Nutritional Information:

530 calories, 29g fat, 48g carbohydrates, 21g protein

16. Tex-Mex Chicken Nachos

The Tex-Mex Chicken Nachos features crispy tortilla chips topped with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, roasted chile spiced chicken, pico de gallo, scallions, and a drizzle of garlic-lime crema.

The dish is served with a side of queso for an extra layer of cheesy goodness.

The crispy tortilla chips provide a satisfying crunch, while the melted cheeses add a creamy and indulgent element.

The roasted chile spiced chicken offers a smoky and savory taste, complemented by the freshness of the pico de gallo and the tanginess of the garlic-lime crema.

As a cheese fan, I love how the queso adds another layer of cheesiness that ties all the flavors together in this dish.

Nutritional Information: (Mini Mex)

1000 calories, 70g fat, 57g carbohydrates, 34g protein

15. French Onion Soup

This savory soup is made by simmering caramelized onions in sherry and beef broth, creating an appetizing base.

Each bowl is then topped with melted provolone cheese and toasted croutons, adding texture and crunch.

The caramelized onions balance out the salty flavors of the cheese and the broth.

Every spoonful will bring a rich taste of the beef broth and a hint of sweetness from the sherry.

Nutritional Information:

290 calories, 15g fat, 21g carbohydrates, 14g protein

14. Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos

The Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos offer an awesome combo of smoky and savory flavors.

The pulled pork is slow-cooked and marinated in a chipotle BBQ sauce, resulting in tender and flavorful meat.

The tacos are topped with fresh pico de gallo, adding vibrant color to the dish.

The garlic-lime crema adds a creamy and zesty touch, enhancing the overall taste.

I usually stay away from pulled pork because of the overly sweet BBQ sauce, but Miller’s Ale House’s recipe is done just right.

Nutritional Information:

1350 calories, 83g fat, 101g carbohydrates, 58g protein

13. Mimi’s Fiesta Chicken & Shrimp Bowl

The Mimi’s Fiesta Chicken & Shrimp Bowl is a hearty dish on the Miller’s Ale House menu.

It features grilled chicken breast, blackened shrimp, black bean corn salsa, cilantro lime rice, chimichurri, creamy red chile sauce, pickled red onions, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and queso fresco cheese.

This bowl is a fiesta of flavors, with the grilled chicken and blackened shrimp adding a smoky and savory taste.

The black bean corn salsa adds crunch and sweetness, while the cilantro lime rice provides a zesty and fragrant aroma.

The chimichurri and creamy red chile sauce add tangy flavors, and the pickled red onions contribute a slightly acidic note.

I especially love how the shredded lettuce and pico de gallo offer a refreshing twist while the queso fresco cheese rounds off the dish with some extra creamy goodness.

Nutritional Information:

650 calories, 45g fat, 35g carbohydrates, 40g protein

12. Zingers Mountain Melt

The Zingers Mountain Melt is an indulgent appetizer at Miller’s Ale House that combines their famous Zingers with a mountain of fries.

If you don’t know what Zingers are, they are boneless chicken strips tossed in your choice of sauce.

In this dish, they are topped with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, applewood-smoked bacon, and scallions.

The generous portion of fries serves as an excellent base for all the flavorful toppings.

If you plan to share with friends and family, consider upgrading to the Double Zingers!

Nutritional Information:

1970 calories, 171g fat, 46g carbohydrates, 71g protein

11. Smashed Queso Burger

The Smashed Queso Burger features two 1/4 lb beef patties, caramelized onions, poblano peppers, queso, pico de gallo, and chile pepper mayo.

This mouthwatering burger perfectly blends savory, tangy, and creamy flavors.

The juicy beef patties, zesty queso, caramelized onions, and poblano peppers offer a satisfying umami taste.

The pico de gallo adds freshness, while the chile pepper mayo provides a subtle heat and creaminess.

This is my second favorite burger at Miller’s Ale House (My number one pick is below!)

Nutritional Information:

1290 calories, 95g fat, 51g carbohydrates, 55g protein

10. Big Red

The Big Red on the Miller’s Ale House menu will surely please hungry diners.

This sandwich features buttermilk-marinated crispy boneless chicken breast tossed in hot sauce and topped with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses.

Served on a toasted black and white sesame seed bun, the sandwich is accompanied by a side of French fries to make it a full meal.

The chicken is fried to golden perfection, providing a crunchy texture with every bite.

The hot sauce gives the sandwich heat, while the melted cheese adds gooey goodness.

This is my go-to sandwich at Miller’s Ale House when I’m extra hungry!

Nutritional Information:

800 calories, 38g fat, 94g carbohydrates, 45g protein

9. Fajitas

Miller’s Ale House offers flavorful and sizzling Fajitas, allowing you to choose between steak, chicken, or a combination of both.

The fajitas are accompanied by pico de gallo, sour cream, shredded lettuce, and warm flour tortillas to create your perfect combination of flavors and textures.

Sauteed bell peppers and onions that come with the dish add an aromatic undertone, while Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses provide a melty and creamy touch.

I always squeeze fresh lime juice over the sizzling meat and vegetables to give them a little bit of oomph.

Nutritional Information: (Steak Fajitas)

1200 calories, 65g fat, 85g carbohydrates, 68g protein

8. Pork Osso Buco

The Pork Osso Buco is an eye-catching dish at Miller’s Ale House that showcases marinated and slow-cooked pork shank.

The pork shank is super tender and tasty. The meat literally falls off the bone because of the slow cooking process.

The dish is served with mashed potatoes, brown gravy, and a vegetable medley.

This is a perfect menu item for those seeking a hearty and indulgent meal to accompany their beer.

Nutritional Information:

1030 calories, 52g fat, 32g carbohydrates, 102g protein

7. Cobb Salad With Blackened Shrimp & Chicken

I think the Cobb Salad with Blackened Shrimp & Chicken is the best salad at Miller’s Ale House.

It comes with a mix of field greens, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, red onions, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, applewood-smoked bacon, and blue cheese crumbles.

It is then topped with blackened shrimp and chicken for added protein.

The flavors all work together to give you a wonderful meal that will fill you up without weighing you down.

Nutritional Information:

670 calories, 35g fat, 36g carbohydrates, 64g protein

6. Mahi Tacos

If you’re a seafood lover, you should try Miller’s Ale House’s Mahi Tacos.

These tacos include pan-seared Mahi, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, garlic-lime crema, and grilled flour tortillas.

They are served with a side of black beans.

The pan-seared Mahi is cooked just right to give it a delicate, flaky texture.

The cheeses add a creamy texture, while the shredded cabbage provides a refreshing crunch.

The pico de gallo adds a vibrant freshness, and the garlic-lime crema adds a zesty note to the dish.

Nutritional Information:

1280 calories, 72g fat, 92g carbohydrates, 72g protein

5. Capt. Jack’s Buried Treasure

If you’re looking for the best dessert at Miller’s Ale House, look no further than the Capt. Jack’s Buried Treasure.

It is a triple-layered vanilla ice cream cake with an Oreo cookie crust, Heath Bar crunch crumble, caramel, and hot fudge.

This dessert is a true indulgence for those with a sweet tooth.

The layers of creamy vanilla ice cream, crunchy Oreo crust, and delicious Heath Bar crumbles create a delightful texture combination.

The caramel and hot fudge sauces add richness and sweetness to each bite.

If you are planning a party, reserve a whole cake to share with your friends!

Nutritional Information:

1420 calories, 70g fat, 164g carbohydrates, 8g protein

4. Center Cut Sirloin

Miller’s Ale House serves the Center Cut Sirloin in a 6-ounce or 10-ounce portion size.

The steak is smothered in melted garlic butter, adding to its rich flavor.

Each dish comes with a vegetable medley and the option to choose one side to your liking.

I always opt for the classic mashed potato!

Nutritional Information: (6oz-Grilled)

250 calories, 13g fat, 0g carbohydrates, 31g protein

3. Pulled Pork Sandwich

If you’re looking for a sandwich bursting with flavor at Miller’s Ale House, you should definitely try their Pulled Pork Sandwich.

This Southern-inspired dish features housemade pulled pork that’s tender and full of flavor.

Adding chipotle BBQ sauce to the sandwich brings a smoky, slightly spicy kick that enhances the overall taste.

The coleslaw provides a refreshing crunch and a creamy texture, while dill pickle slices offer a tangy and briny flavor.

All these ingredients combine to create the best Miller’s Ale House sandwich!

Nutritional Information:

630 calories, 23g fat, 26g carbohydrates, 40g protein

2. Prime Burger

The Prime Burger is a true delight for burger enthusiasts and hands-down the best burger at Miller’s Ale House.

It comes with a 1/2 lb. ground beef patty seasoned to perfection and grilled to order.

It is then topped with melted white American cheese, shaved prime rib, roasted mushrooms, sauteed onions, gravy, crispy onion tanglers, and garlic crema.

This burger is a flavor explosion!

The juiciness of the beef patty, the richness of the prime rib, and the earthy notes from the roasted mushrooms all come together in the best possible way.

Then there are the sauteed onions that add a sweet undertone and the gravy that enhances the umami flavors.

The crispy onion tanglers provide a delightful crunch, and the garlic crema adds a creamy element.

Served on a toasted black and white sesame seed bun, the Prime Burger is accompanied by a side of crispy French fries.

Nutritional Information:

1180 calories, 84g fat, 54g carbohydrates, 53g protein

1. Barbeque Baby Back Ribs

The Barbeque Baby Back Ribs is my favorite dish on the Miller’s Ale House menu.

These ribs are slow-roasted to perfection, resulting in tender and fall-off-the-bone meat.

They are generously basted in a sweet, tangy barbecue sauce that adds a mouthwatering flavor to every bite.

The ribs are always juicy and succulent, with a depth of flavor coming from the slight char.

The BBQ sauce adds a delightful blend of sweetness and tanginess to the meat.

The ribs are available in half-rack and full-rack portions, so you can order depending on your hunger level.

Pair them with your favorite drink, and you’re in for a treat!

Nutritional Information: (½ Rack)

690 calories, 43g fat, 23g carbohydrates, 47g protein


Miller’s Ale House has a delicious selection of food menu items to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Their signature appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, and salads are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

If you’re looking for the perfect meal to pair with your drink, I’d recommend the Barbecue Baby Back Ribs.

The Prime Burger, the Big Red, and the Pork Osso Buco are solid options if you’re looking for a hearty meal.

So next time you’re in the mood for great food and drinks, be sure to check out the Miller’s Ale House menu.

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