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Whole Foods Delivery: How to Order Online With Amazon Prime

In partnership with Amazon Prime, Whole Foods can deliver your grocery orders right to your doorstep in a few simple steps. This convenient way to shop your Whole Foods favorites brings hassle-free checkout through the Amazon platform.

Whole Foods online orders can be delivered to Amazon Prime members only. Prime members pay a $9.95 service fee to get two-hour delivery from their local Whole Foods store. One-hour delivery costs an additional $8-$12, depending on the order total. Tips are optional, and the full amount goes to the drivers. 

Whole Foods is one of the most popular and high-quality grocery stores. With the ability to get items delivered, it has joined other chains in being a convenient and more accessible option.

Continue reading for step-by-step instructions on how to place your order and troubleshoot any problems that may arise in the process.

How to Order Whole Foods Online

Ordering Whole Foods online has never been easier with their direct link to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members can place their orders directly through the Amazon website and mobile app.

With the familiarity of the Amazon platform for users, this makes for a seamless process.

Keep in mind that you can order either on a desktop using the Amazon website or head to the Amazon mobile app and find the “Whole Foods” tab. Here, you can start your order.

Once you are either logged in on your desktop or mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Select your zip code to ensure you are choosing the right Whole Foods store.
  2. Then, start shopping as you would normally on Amazon, but for your Whole Foods items.
  3. Finally, add your groceries to your cart.
  4. Head to checkout and choose your delivery window.
  5. Enter your payment method and finish the checkout process.

When going through this process, be sure to double-check your address if you have multiple addresses saved in your Amazon history.

If you select the wrong address, you will need to start over to ensure the groceries make it to the right destination.

Is Whole Foods Delivery Free with Amazon Prime?

As an Amazon Prime member, there is no doubt you have access to a lot of perks. However, Whole Foods delivery is not free with Prime and costs $9.95. If you want one-hour delivery, you will be charged an additional fee based on the subtotal of your order.

Therefore, while Prime members have access to Whole Foods delivery, there are fees attached. If you are in a hurry to get your Whole Foods items, you will need to pay the delivery fee or choose to do free in-store pickup.

Whole Foods pickup is free with any order over $35 and can be done as soon as one hour after you checkout online.

What Is Whole Foods Delivery Window?

Once you complete your Whole Foods shopping online, a delivery window screen will appear so that you can choose the approximate time your order will arrive on your doorstep. This is especially helpful for those ordering temperature-controlled items, as you will be able to track their arrival.

When you choose your Whole Foods delivery window, you will be presented with the available options based on demand.

Unfortunately, Whole Foods may have no delivery windows available if you are ordering at a high-traffic time. If no delivery windows are available, your only option is to keep checking back.

If no Whole Foods delivery windows are available, that means all of the drivers are booked. Therefore, your order cannot be processed until the store knows when they will have time to make your delivery.

Once you find an open slot and place your order, you will not be able to change that delivery time as it is added to the schedule.

This schedule is used on the Amazon platform to determine how many other customers can place delivery orders.

Since it is all done electronically, once your order is placed, the delivery time cannot be modified.

How Far Does Whole Foods Deliver?

Whole Foods does not specify a radius for deliveries. However, you can head to the Amazon website and type in your zip code. Amazon will then alert you if you have any Whole Foods close enough to qualify for the delivery service.

If you don’t qualify for delivery because you are located too far from your nearest store, you can still order online and pick your groceries up in-store.

This way, they are already bagged and ready to go when you arrive, which will save you time on your shopping trip.

Do You Tip Amazon Prime Now?

If you’re using Amazon Prime Now, you should be tipping your delivery driver as they rely on tips to supplement the rate that Amazon pays. The minimum amount to tip would be $5. However, if you have many items, you may consider tipping about 15-20% of your order total.

You can add a tip to your order during the checkout process online, which will simply add the tip amount to your subtotal.

Amazon Prime Now drivers cannot see how much you tip or who tips them; however, they can see if they got tips. Meaning if they do ten deliveries and get seven tips, they will see that seven people tipped them, but they will not see who they are.

This helps keep customer confidentiality and ensures there are no future issues with drivers not wanting to deliver to certain customers.

With that said, you should always leave a tip during checkout for your Prime Now drivers, as tips are a big part of the money they make within each shift.

If you forget to add a tip or want to add more to your tip after placing your order, you have 24 hours from the time you place the order to edit your tip.

Remember that any tip being left for a delivery driver should be about 15-20% of your order total, with a minimum of $5 for the time being put in to complete your delivery.

Does Whole Foods Delivery Accept EBT?

Whole Foods takes EBT as a form of payment online for delivery and pickup orders. However, not all products qualify for EBT, which means you need to select SNAP EBT-eligible products when ordering online.

It’s worth noting that you cannot use your SNAP EBT benefits to pay for Whole Foods delivery or service fees.

This is not specific to Whole Foods, though, and applies to all online orders from grocery stores. USDA prohibits using SNAP EBT benefits to pay for delivery or service fees and only covers the cost of EBT-eligible products.

Finally, those who consider using their EBT SNAP to purchase groceries on Amazon can also find several Whole Foods brand items on Amazon, which can be paid for with EBT.

Since Amazon is an online platform and approved by USDA as part of the SNAP Purchasing Pilot Program, they accept EBT during the checkout process.


Being one of the highest-quality grocery stores, Whole Foods is a great option for many shoppers. In addition, having access to delivery from Whole Foods is one of the biggest perks of having an Amazon Prime membership.

However, be aware of the days and times you’re ordering to ensure you can get a delivery window scheduled. If you are ordering at high-traffic times, you may have more difficulty getting your order.

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